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Q. Responsive or Adaptive Website Design?

A. Responsive. But...what is that ?

Responsive Website Design basically makes a page elastic and fit to the size of the device the page loads on. Most responsive sites just adapt to screen size. What sets us apart from our competition is our sites are responsive but with an extra added in feature exclusive to the platform we build them on. We are able to customize a website to be unique on three different screen types, Desktop/Laptop, Tablet and Mobile. What the viewer sees when visiting one of our sites is dependent upon what device they are using to access it.  We customize each screen type and when the visitor accesses the site on a mobile device the servers show them the mobile version. When they access via a desktop or laptop the server recognizes this and shows the desktop version of the site. The desktop site can look completely different than the mobile site, with easy to click buttons and a condensed version of the main site. This is important because the information someone is seeking from a desktop or tablet site is typically not the same information a person is looking for when using a smartphone.  A mobile visitor is typically looking to either call you or find you.  We make that task as easy as possible for them to accomplish.  

Dynamic Content = Custom User Experience.

Your site will not only adapt to fit the screen it's being viewed on..

Desktop. Tablet. or Mobile.

But... it will be custom built to the screen type for the best possible user experience.

A mobile device visitor sees an entirely different home page than one using a computer, because we build it that way.  Built with the user in mind and what they are most likely trying to accomplish on their visit. 

Custom screens are possible by serving dynamic content to the visitor, but dynamic content serving is more than just a different screen.  Dynamic serving allows for special content, messages or videos to be shown on websites based on the device being used to access the website.  Website content can be served not just based on device type but dependent on many different factors such as: time of day the site is being visited, the location of the visitor, number of times they've visited and more.  Restaurants are having success using this feature to deliver coupons and happy hour messages to their mobile audience, who might be just around the corner when visiting the site.  Connecting with customers on the right device, at the right time is an opportunity to speak directly to a defined audience that in the past was reserved for big companies.

Today, dynamic content serving  is an affordable option, leveling the playing field for small businesses.
Like Having Three Websites! 
On one domain.

Here's the difference

Desktop Site

Flip Kids & Maternity Responsive Web Design
Site responds to screen size. 
Desktop or laptop.

Tablet Site

Flip Kids & Maternity Responsive Web Design
Site doesn't just respond to the screen but is custom made to fit the tablet screen. Elements can appear on the tablet that you can leave off of the mobile or desktop sites.

Mobile Site

Flip Kid's & Maternity Responsive Web Design
Special features like  
big buttons.
"Click To Call"
"Click To Map"
Condensed Navigation.
Hein Lighting & Electric Website Design Examples
Date and Paint website example viewed on a desktop computer
Date and Paint website example viewed on a tablet
Date and Paint website example viewed on a smartphone.
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