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Responsive Website Design

We design and build state of the art websites 
that are necessary to compete in today's mobile environment! 

A desktop-only website used to cut it,
but not any more!  

We design beautiful, mobile friendly, responsive websites that are readable and look good when viewed from any screen. In today's day and age your website must be designed to look good when viewed from any device type, desktop, tablet or mobile. The most common starting point for internet access today is a smartphone. If a consumer lands on your website and finds that it's not mobile friendly the largest percentage will abandon your website. 

Consumers are not only "Multi-Tasking" but they're using "Multiple Screens" back to back, throughout their day to access the web. To compete online today you must have a mobile optimized or mobile friendly website.  If your site needs to be pinched and swiped when viewed from a mobile device it is not mobile friendly. If this is you, we can help and offer two options, both of which will give you a mobile optimized website.  

We offer two types of mobile friendly 
"website design" solutions to choose from. 

1.  A mobile optimized version of your existing desktop website.  Mobile visitors are forwarded to a mobile specific site that we build for you "m.yourdomain.com".

2.  A new, custom "Multi-Screen - Responsive Web Design" site built on one URL/Domain "yourdomain.com".  No other domain is needed.  

Our multi-screen sites are more than the average responsive website.  We are able to create a custom experience for each device.  What the visitor sees will depend on what device they're using to access your website.  Each screen type can be designed to deliver different information and images.  

Google has said publicly they prefer "Responsive Web Design" vs a mobile specific site. It's easier for them to index a one domain name site.  Most importantly they want ALL sites to be mobile optimized, providing a good experience to those using mobile devices.  If you're happy with your existing website then a mobile only site might be all you'd like to do for now.  If your existing site is older and in need of an update we recommend you start fresh and choose to have a new "Multi-Screen - Responsive Web Design" site created for your business.  

Which device do consumers use most?

90% use multiple screens to access the web. 

The average person uses a combination of 3 different screens every day and smartphones are being used as a starting point...

Person Multi-Tasking with mobile & tablet.

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Did you know that... 
A Google "Mobile" Search returns different results than a Google "Desktop" Search?  Try it & compare.

If your websites' not responsive you're losing more than  
half of your visitors!

73% of visitors prefer a responsive designed website that is optimized for mobile. 
KISS metrics Google 2013
Woman frustrated with smartphone and tablet.
If a visitor on a mobile device can't find what they're looking for right away, you've lost them! 
61% of visitors will abandon a website that isn't responsive or mobile friendly. 
KISS metrics Google 2013
Hand pinching and swiping a smartphone
If you have to pinch, swipe, squeeze, push and pull on a website to view it on your smart phone do you stay or go?

Are you unsure if your existing website  
is mobile friendly or not? 

Take Google's  
"Mobile Friendly Challenge" 
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Enter your site's domain name and Google will analyze it for you.
Question mobile friendly smart phone.
Responsive Web Design With A Twist!
We Create A Custom Experience For Your Website Visitor...
Hein Lighting & Electric Website images

Custom Features Can Be Added  
To All Screens or One Screen Only! 

NOTE...just because you can add it to all screens doesn't mean you should!
Example: "Click To Call" buttons.  A click to call button truly belongs on mobile but not on a tablet or desktop screen.  We design each device's screen with the end user in mind and what their specific needs are while using each device.  Mobile users need a streamlined viewing experience, with faster load times than needed on a desktop or tablet version of your website.  
Tablet, Smart Phone, Desktop Computer Info Graphic

A Few Built In Features + Amazing Custom Add Ons

Click To Call

Click To Call example
The "Click To Call" feature is built in and offers a quick way for a visitor to call your business.  Just touch the button on the screen and their phone will automatically dial the number.  Statistics tell us that mobile visitors are more often looking for a phone number to call the business they've sought out.  Putting a call button front and center of the mobile side of your website instantly gives them what they came for.  

Yelp Reviews

Yelp review word cloud example

Click To Map

Click To Map example
If you have a "brick & mortar" business we will build in the "Click To Map" feature which offers a quick way for a visitor to find your business.  Just touching the map button on a mobile screen will automatically open a Google Map which will pinpoint your business's exact location.  From this window visitors will be able to get driving directions and an estimated time of arrival. 

Click To Email

Click To Email example

Custom Offers

Custom offer & sale example
Would you like to target site visitors based on day of the week, time of day or location?  
A great example of this is showing a restaurant's mobile website visitors, that are physically in that zip code area their "Happy Hour" menu when the visitor arrives on the website during the"Happy Hour" time frame.  These types of creative triggers are "Add On Features" and can be very powerful for the right business!


Multi-Location map example

Action Triggers

Welcome back, dynamic content example
We can personalize your visitors experience by many criteria. A message could appear based on a day or certain time.  Maybe you want to reward visitors that have already visited your website and have returned. A special offer can be shown to only those visitors that have come to your site three times, or twice or just on Sunday for that matter. Action Triggers are an "Add On Feature".   

Social Networks Menus, Scheduling, Contact Forms, Photo Gallery
+ More

Get Optimized & Get In The Mobile Game!
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