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Click To Call Mobile Website Design



People are using a combination of screens to access the internet Daily.

The most common starting place for accessing the web is on a smartphone.
Think about it, no matter where you are in public  there are cell phones all around you. 
97% of adults have them and 77% of them 
are smartphones. 

Why You Should Care.

When someone performs a search on their phone for your specialty and Google can't find a mobile version of your site,  you may not show up in search at all.  At this moment, the word is non mobile optimized websites will start to fall off of mobile search.  Make sense? Why would Google show websites to mobile searchers that can't be read or easily navigated on mobile? Those sites are getting harder to locate in a mobile search.  If your site's not optimized and searchers somehow manage to find it they still can't read or navigate it, without pinching and swiping.   A small audience may be able to find you but of those visitors 61% will close the door and abandon your website. 
Hand with smartphone
Some mobile optimized sites still miss the mark.  What mobile visitors want most is an instant way to call the business they just searched for, next to mapping their way to visit in person. 
Couple looking for directions on maps
We place "Click To Call" and  "Click To Map" features on your site's mobile screen giving  your visitors easy access to call or locate your business from the moment the screen loads.  
People are performing two types of multi-screening.
 Tasks performed are dependent on which device being used.
In other words...each device has a unique purpose in web access. 

Sequential Multi-Screening

Moving from one device to another at different times, to accomplish a task.    
Couples searching the internet
Woman using computer in kitchen
Woman taking selfie pictures.

Simultaneous Multi-Screening

Using more than one device at the same time, for either a related or an unrelated activity.       
Man mutli-tasking with smartphone and laptop
Woman multi-tasking with laptop and tablet
Responsive Website Design basically makes the pages of a website elastic and fit to the screen size the page loads on.  Most responsive websites just adapt to screen size. The elements (images, links, navigation & content) are the same for each screen.  

What sets us apart from our competition is our sites are not only responsive.... 
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