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Affordable possibilities...

Personalized Visitor 

The same person is using multiple devices to get online these days and using them for different reasons.   If you are a service business and someone looks you up on their mobile device they most likely want to call you.  We customize your mobile site for that visitor and the desktop site for the visitor who is looking for details.

Why are they looking for you?


Now you see it, now you don't!  
We have the ability to schedule content that will appear and disappear on your website when we tell it to.  Days of the week specials, special events or hours, holiday specials, video to appear at a specified hour or day.  Special content can also appear when a visitor returns to the site.   

What would you promote?

Device, Location & Time Targeting

Once available to big corporations only, is now possible for all. Showing your mobile visitors content different than laptop content & vice versa can increase sales.  Example: flash a happy hour menu to visitors who land on your mobile website while in the 12345 zip code between 4 & 6 pm on Wednesdays.
Who are you trying to attract?

Fancy Or Simple

We do our best work serving small, local businesses by providing what they are envisioning.  Our biggest request is for a five to six page affordable site that is up to date, mobile friendly and a great representation of your business.  What are you after?
Your vision + our creativity = Affordable, Shiny, New Site.  

How do you want it to look?


State of the art, mobile friendly websites are necessary to compete in today's environment. Innovative ways to optimize and market these websites are necessary for them to be found.

 We'd love to help you compete!


Your Vision

Your website, your vision. If you aren't sure we will brainstorm with you and discover what defines your business and work it.  Your colors, images, branding and content to attract the customers who want/need what you offer and the people you care to do business with.


Appearing here is absolutely necessary.  There are  levels of Google involvement. Google My Business Profile, Google Maps, Google Reviews, Google Adwords Campaigns, Organic Search and we should probably mention Bing. 


Most businesses have a Fan Page that is dormant. How good of a job has yours done? Huge changes just announced  Read Zuck's Jan. 2018 announcement.  for the good of community but businesses are in a panic.  Stay calm, we are here to help & give guidance. 

List Clean-up

There are many valuable  source directories online that can drive traffic to your website and bring in more business.  If any of your data is incorrect at these sources it can overwrite correct data on search engines and cause visibility issues. 

Get Info It's Serious

Creepy or Not Creepy?
We know something about you!
Want to know what it is?
Don't's not "personal"...
We know that you are visiting this page 
from a desktop or laptop computer! 
We targeted the desktop visitor to make a point.  Using this feature makes it easier to get your information in front of the right audience.
You can target your visitors depending on a lot 
of factors.  Device targeting is just one. 

Targeted Content

Case Study

We cater to what our clients want...

Lefeber Turf Farm sells beautiful turf and wants real looking grass on their website.  Seems reasonable? 

By Heidi Powell

Lefeber Turf Farm, a great company located in Mt. Vernon, WA has been around for over twenty years. They have great products, happy customers and deserve to have a great website that is a reflection of what they do. When we met, their website was very out of date with background grass that reminded me of the fake fur that "Oscar The Grouch" is made out of.  Like many sites in existence today their site was built on an outdated, non mobile platform, was not unique to the business, very much adhered to a generic template and the fur type grass was not representational of what they offer. They sell turf not fur! The first thing I did was start looking for some great turf images that could be used for the header and background. We provided them with a couple of mock ups to choose from and began the work on the site they liked best. When all was said and done we provided them with an outstanding, unique, updated and mobile friendly website that uses beautiful images of their work and real grass! Lefeber Turf Farm's mobile website is a unique site all on it's own. With it's easy to navigate, customized (with images) big buttons a visitor can quickly find what they need. Calling the business from a mobile device or locating them on the map is a breeze and right at the visitor's fingertips.
Hein Lighting & Electric Website images
Hein Lighting & Electric Website images


All of our websites come with a webmistress!  We won't love you and leave you like some do once your site is completed.  A website doesn't stop needing attention once it's built.

We are committed to you as our client and will be providing  you with ongoing service.  Your website will receive regular updates, monitoring, repairs, analytics, support, and a monthly allotment of time for change requests to your website's copy or images. 

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